If you look at the essence of the Antares business, you will realize that we don’t invent anything extraordinary, we do simple things, we find companies that may be of potential interest to everyone.

One of our major objectives was to ensure anyone can use investment tools previously available to a selected group of people only: bankers, financiers, institutional investors ... and we did it!
Alex Richter, president and founder of Antares Limited

Two Main Advantages of Antares
New Investment Programs
Every 1-2 months, new investment programs will be launched on the Antares platform on the principles of distinction and profitability. Each subsequent program will differ from the previous one not only in affiliate marketing terms, but also in profitability for the investor of the company. Each next program is stronger than the previous one.
Affiliate structure synchronized in all programs
The entire affiliate structure you created in previous programs will be automatically transferred to the next programs. You do not need to re-register your affiliates, just study the marketing plan of the company to maximize the profit from the network you created.
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History of Antares
The history of Antares began in 1934 when American entrepreneur Carl Rehnborg founded California Vitamins. Сarl and his partners were incredibly courageous and committed people, as they decided to try a business format that was different from others. A completely new paradigm of both earning a living and a lifestyle itself emerged. The pioneers of the multi-level marketing industry created a form of distribution that replaced the outdated model with its leechlike intermediaries. Over the 85-year track record of multi-level marketing, millions of people came out of a corporate coma and starting their dreams.

The courage of Carl Rehnborg inspired Alex Richter to create the Antares platform and completely upgrade the industry itself. The distribution model had been carefully revised, and, like 85 years ago, Antares entered the market with the revolutionary concept of a multi-platform network broker using modern referral systems. Antares connected manufacturers of unique products with professional distributors. The company created a powerful tool for launching new products into the market, adapted AI for the benefit of man and found a way to provide millions of people with high income.
Love for Referral Systems
It is no secret that you can sell any product way faster and more efficiently through a network structure. Referral systems enable people from all over the world to gain high incomes, investing with a small amount of money.

Companies employing referral systems as the main promotion model do not face the difficulties classical corporations do. There are no salaries and wages, employee benefits, advertising, warehouse rental and accounts receivable expenses. Alexander Richter chose this promotion model as the main tool for building a new type of the business community.

“The most common financial fallacy of mankind is that people become rich because of high salaries. People become rich only in one case ― if they do things that rise in value. When I realized that oil is already a hard sell, I began looking for a new gold mine. Instead of investing in raw material companies and building franchises, we came up with the idea of building a platform to promote a referral-based business,” Alexander Richter recalls.
In Search for Business Grail
The traditional features of the MLM industry were not enough for Alex Richter. He dreamed of creating a platform that provides a full range of services for network structures. It took the development group more than five years to improve and protect an integrated turnkey solution for MLM companies. In addition to the technical solution, a global referral interface ― unrivaled throughout the world ― was created. Moreover, Antares’ founder provided a unique multi-stage audit of potential partners based on 138 parameters of the liquidity assessment. This is a guarantee of transaction security and an indicator of Antares’ high reputation standard.
Digital Soul of Business
Affiliate marketing programs presented on the platform are developed for each company individually, taking into account its special characteristics. This allows Independent Business Partners of Antares (IBPA) to reach an income of tens of thousands of dollars from the very first step and in the shortest time possible. Thanks to the Antares platform's open architecture, the promotion system can be adapted to absolutely any business process. Today, many different types of companies are listed on the platform: investment and network companies, start-ups, leaders of the cryptocurrency market, and financial products of the most popular branches of the market. Consumers of services and products have an opportunity to build their networks based on the model of referral systems. Alex Richter is confident that companies using referral systems will become professional players in the stock market soon. For example, trading operations with shares of 25 network companies are already carried out on NASDAQ (USA) and the New York Stock Exchange.
Antares — Your Right Choice
“Capital provision and enhancement is a professional activity. This is a profession which requires learning like a pilot or an astronaut,” Alex Richter said. We will not teach you financial gravity at Antares, but we will teach you how to properly manage information, ideas and people. Here you will have the opportunity not only to make profit, but also to exchange experiences. As a result, you will get substantial rewards and incredible prospects for using your potential. Business with Antares is an opportunity to be in the privileged circle.
Our Future
According to the development plans of the Antares platform, the number of partner companies will gradually increase. By 2025, the number of organizations will reach 100. It will open up phenomenal opportunities for company's active partners. By 2025, we expect 50,000,000 partners.

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World of New Opportunities
The modern world is fast-paced. What was admired and relevant yesterday is hopelessly outdated and no longer generates profit today.

How to become successful in a rapidly evolving world? How to gain skills demanded by the modern market?
We Create the
Financial Elite
According to leading financial experts at Citigroup, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., American International Group, in the next decade, leaders will be companies promoting their products through the multi-level marketing. Companies using a single advertising and trading platform and employing MLM distribution will top the ratings of the most valuable companies in the world. The new trend differs in that there are no losers. The company gets unlimited scaling opportunities. The consumer acts as an advertising representative or a sales manager. Money, which in the classical distribution model would be spent on advertising, salaries and retail rent, can be channeled to partnership rewards. In the near future, such platforms will become commonplace in the distribution market. Antares is a pioneer in this field. We create a community of successful and wealthy people to become the financial elite of the new decade.
We Train the Intellectual elite
In the face of competition, only those companies thrive that start using new financial and human resource management tools earlier than others. This requires constant skill improvement. Antares Business School provides an opportunity for partners to gain insight into business experience, develop management skills and learn new business strategies. The school was founded in 2009 on the initiative of the company's HR department with the aim of improving employees' skills. Over 10 years, it has grown into a multifunctional educational system with a full business education cycle for partner companies. We see the process of training our partners as an investment. Antares prepares the intellectual elite: the flagships of the new global economy.
We Build the World Without Borders
In the modern world, it is not enough to have an impressive fortune and high intelligence to stay happy. For a harmoniously developed person, his/her environment is important. The spirit of partnership, moral priorities, mutual respect and support are some of the reasons why the Antares team has created this platform. This is a meeting place for countries and generations, principles and intentions, allies and affiliates. We believe that the ecosystem of our community is capable to change reality, efface boundaries both between continents and in consciousness. We are convinced that the whole is greater than the sum of individual parts. This means that the victories and knowledge of the community will allow us to multiply capabilities of the team a thousand times. What awaits you in Antares in addition to the high income and new financial experience? Freedom of creativity. Implementation of hidden capabilities. A large Antares family is a place where your personality will be respected and your intentions to make the world a better place will be supported.
Road Map Until 2025
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Modern Profitable Business
An urgent need has appeared on the market to develop high-tech management systems in order to enable market players to manage work more efficiently. Antares, an international company, has developed such a system. We connect the seller with the consumer, and when supply meets demand, we make profit from commissions. We ensure that companies on the platform have unlimited scaling opportunities and reduce the product cost by cutting promotion expenses. Partners gain substantial rewards for recommendations and the opportunity to build their own network. Investors get access to the most profitable companies and promising startups. According to financial experts at Morgan Stanley, in the next decade 90% of the market will use professional MLM distribution platforms.
Ads Don’t Work
The new product launch in the traditional business costs a fortune. You need to pay for development, employee, warehouse rental and transportation expenses, and only after that your product will enter the market. Then you need a powerful advertising support, but advertising as a sales tool has become obsolete and costs a lot of money. And finally, high taxes. In this market conditions, six levels of intermediation between the producer and the consumer have been created. Every intermediary adds its expenses to the product cost. As a result, the product distribution costs much more than production. The consumer does not agree on the price and does not want to pay your expenses.
Bridge to Success and Wealth
Now imagine that a company launches a unique product which is difficult to sell in the traditional way because the consumer refuses to buy it at high cost. Moreover, customers know nothing about this product. Just think what advertising budget is needed to promote such a product.

There are also situations when a company lacks sufficient sales skills. In both cases, companies seem doomed to failure and loss. The only way to get people to know about the product and make money on it is to use MLM. Similarly, you can present a famous brand to the consumer. However, instead of expensive advertising, market information will provide your company with professional advice. Reference systems are a bridge to success and wealth. According to the distributors themselves, we don’t just share a product, we provide wide opportunities.
Products and services of partner companies will be sent to Antares Antares
Next, the Antares community consumes and promotes these products, while the revenue and awareness of partner brands are growing
Part of all proceeds from the product and service promotion will be paid to Antares
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Alex Richter
Founder of Antares Limited
Alex Richter graduated from the Faculty of Information Technology at the Autonomous University of Veracruz Villa Rica (Universidad Autónoma de Veracruz Villa Rica). He worked as an accredited investor in the company Medallion (hedge fund of James Harris Simons). For 3 years Mr Richter specialized in the development of companies using referral systems and affiliate programs. Further, he served as CFO at one of the largest asset management funds with a capital of more than $ 500 million. At the moment, Alex Richter is one of the first successful crypto investors, a business mentor and founder of the Antares platform.
Mateo Lopez
Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)
Mateo Lopez has been the commercial director of Antares since its founding. He has more than 20 years of experience in managing investments and corporate structures. Mateo Lopez worked as an analyst at Ameriprise Financial, where he was responsible for managing a portfolio of stocks with a focus on industrial and cyclical companies.
Rafael Navarro
Rafael Navarro
Rafael Navarro is the Director of Legal at Antares. He has 15 years of experience in providing effective legal support to organizations and analyzing legal risks. His experience includes mergers and acquisitions, IPOs, debt and equity offers, bank financing, recapitalization, spin-offs and private transactions.
Manuel Mora
Head of Antares Business School
Manuel Mora is the Head of Antares Business School, as well as an entrepreneur and business mentor. He received a bachelor's degree in business management and administration from the State University of Santiago Compostela (USC). Manuel Mora has worked in the Business Development department at Johnson & Johnson, and has also been responsible for corporate training at La Caixa.
Gloria Gallo
Head of Public Relations
Gloria Gallo helps maintain customer relationships and improve the service. She has deep knowledge in communication, sales, business strategy and organizational development. Gloria Gallo served as Benetton's Sales Director in Madrid and Key Account Manager at Bain & Cuneo.
Sofia Marquez
Sofia Marquez is the spokesperson for Antares. She previously served as an associate editor at El Mundo.
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