Antares Infrastructure, Workflow
Antares was created with the goal of establishing and facilitating communication between companies offering various products and services and consumers who wish to purchase and use them.

Antares is a marketplace with an organized online platform that provides products and services of reliable and trusted companies.

Antares does not require licenses or certificates for trading in the financial markets, since the company acts as a representative (agent) and is responsible for organizing interaction processes and calculating financial transactions. The company operates on the basis of regulations and traditions of conducting advertising and intermediary business in Hong Kong.
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PDF Antares Limited Certificate of Incorporation
93 Kb
Document relating to the formation of Antares Limited
PDF Articles of Associations of Antares Limited
850 Kb
Articles of association and information about the authorised capital
PDF Antares Limited Annual Return
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Document confirming the submission of the annual report on the financial activities of the company
The Purpose of Antares
Selection and promotion of partners
Antares's main function is the selection of reliable partners and their promotion. The selection of companies is carried out according to 138 parameters for checking financial and security indicators, as well as the feasibility of business forecasts.
Data collection and profit calculation
The second function is a well-managed collection of user data on investments and guaranteed calculation of the profit of private investors (independent Business Partners of Antares, IBPA). For this end a system was developed with the most powerful computing processing, the structure of which was adopted from the experience of the largest world banks.
Personal Account of Antares
Each client / user / partner / investor / IBPA can use the Antares service and use such management tool as “Personal Account”. “Personal Account” is the property of Antares. All intellectual property rights to these developments are protected by the PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty).
Partner Audit
When choosing partner companies and evaluating reliability parameters, the legal basis for doing business is also checked. Each partner company has corresponding licenses issued by the relevant authorities under the laws of the country of business.

Every 10 days, Antares lawyers check the relevance of the licenses for conducting business, certificates, contracts concluded with various partners and other documentation.
PDF Audit Document
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Document describing the verification parameters for listing of partner companies
Antares Dollar (AND)
This is a designation adopted by Antares and its partners. Antares dollar is equal in nominal value to the US dollar, but has the form of an electronic promissory note. Such electronic promissory note has been selected for the convenience and calculation of all financial transactions within Antares. Since investors from many countries expressed their desire to use the products presented on the Antares marketplace, we created a unified and understandable counting unit. All banking operations are conducted within the framework established by an international bank in the city of Basel and the FATF group (Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering).
Investment Procedure
Antares organizes and controls the process of investing in promising companies and projects hosted on its own platform.

For this end, the company created an electronic platform at:
On this platfrom, methods of investing using cryptocurrencies are implemented. Antares has made provisions in case you are a fiat money holder.

To simplify transfers and currency exchange, Antares has entered into a cooperation agreement with the Interchange exchange company. Interchange has been registered in Hong Kong since 2010.

Each transfer of funds from investor to investor passes through an Antares account. Thus, the company confirms transactions between partners and earns commission from transaction support (implemented as an efficiency ratio). Some procedures are paid by the investor, and some by partner companies. You can learn more about all commissions and deductions on the company's official website at
PDF Partnership Agreement of Antares Limited with Investment and Financing Corp. Limited
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Cooperation agreement between the Antares platform and the Interchange currency exchange service
Antares is inherently an advertising broker and does not work with fiat money. Otherwise, without a specialized license, the activity would be illegal under Section V of the Securities and Futures Regulation (SFO) and would fall under the supervision of the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC).

This would probably greatly obscure the rate of investment, and reduce the profitability of each investor. Therefore, for process mobility and transaction security, the company works with the AND electronic promissory notes. Before getting to Antares, any investment is offered for exchange with the Interchange exchange partner service. Otherwise, the transaction will be illegal and will not take place.
Exchange of AND Electronic Promissory Notes
Antares also provided for the exchange of AND promissory notes between platform users (IBPA). In this case, the Antares marketplace counts AND promissory notes received from other IBPAs or sent to other IBPAs in its own financial system. Antares is not liable to IBPAs for the results of such an exchange. If an IBPA made an exchange by sending AND promissory notes to another IBPA and did not receive the agreed values ​​in return, then this is the individual responsibility of those involved in exchanging AND for other values. Antares complies with the law and monitors the safety of its investors.
Currency exchange partner company
Investment and Financing Corp. Limited
It interacts with Antares on the basis of a partnership agreement. Involved to comply with the legitimacy of Antares and all its partners. It operates on the basis of a partner license for the exchange of currencies and cryptocurrencies of Estonia. The exchange company is not dependent on Antares and carries out commercial activities on its own. Investors and partners of Antares use the services of the exchange service according to the rules and tariffs of Investment and Financing Corp. Limited like all other clients of this service. The partnership agreement provides that Investment and Financing Corp. Limited, when transferring funds from companies to investors, undertakes, regardless of the volatility and complexity of the cryptocurrency markets, to exchange AND for the cryptocurrency preferred by investors.

PDF Partnership Agreement of Investment and Financing Corp. Limited with Buyer Exchanger OÜ
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Cooperation agreement between the Interchange currency exchange service and the Buyex currency exchange service
A partner company that over the long term has proven itself reliable and has presented several unique investment programs in trading of various focus areas. Because of its potential, it was chosen by the Antares management to partner and attract a large number of small investors (up to $100,000 investment per each). Previously, Catalyst Limited did not attract small investments in projects, took advantage of the capabilities of large funds and worked under a different name.

PDF CATALYST LIMITED Certificate of Incorporation
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Document relating to the formation of Catalyst LIMITED
851 Kb
An extract from the company's register containing information about the authorized capital, the beneficiary and the legal address
PDF Partnership Agreement of Antares Limited with CATALYST LIMITED
4 458 Kb
Cooperation agreement between the Antares platform and Catalyst
A partner company that provides an opportunity to participate in programs through which everyone can purchase goods and services for a part of the price. The management of Antares Trade chose Synergy for many reasons, one of which is reliable insurance of clients in partnership with Largo Insurance.
A partner company that has been successfully operating since 2010. It distributes funds in 5 trading segments, which ensures the protection of invested capital. The management of Antares Trade chose Nexus Financial Management Limited for several reasons, one of which is the hedge fund's unique diversification model that yields positive overall investor returns in any event.

A partner company that has been generating exceptional profits for its clients in the global financial markets for 16 years. The hedge fund's team uses more than 10,000 mathematical algorithms that rely on historical data to calculate the statistical probability of a rise or fall in prices. It is because of these and many other advantages that Antares Trade management chose Aristo Investment Management Limited.

Global Trade Union
A partner company that has been successfully operating for more than 5 years and has managed to gain a solid reputation among clients during this time. Since 2015, the hedge fund has shown stable business growth, and its unique instruments provide investors around the world with an opportunity to receive high profits with low risk. Thanks to these and many other advantages, the management of Antares Trade has chosen Global Trade Union as a partner.

Capital Markets
A partner company that successfully works in consulting in healthcare, law, travel, and education. Capital Markets was chosen by Antares Trade's management because this service has no alternatives in terms of quality and reliability among remote service providers. Check the company in the register
Antares Сapital Protection Ltd.
Antares Сapital Protection Ltd., a subsidiary, was established to protect Antares customers/partners/investors when choosing highly profitable and, therefore, high-risk products.

Losses in financial markets are a common situation, therefore Antares executives took measures to minimize risks by insurance. Antares Capital Protection Ltd. is a commercial fund. This form is not subject to licensing and additional control under applicable law in the United Kingdom. Antares Capital Protection Ltd. does not participate in trading processes and is not exposed to risks, and the collected fund is protected by a merchant (bank), deposited into the bank account, reflected on the balance sheet as the authorized capital of the company and gives small depositary interest, which helps not to lose the cost of capital due to inflation.
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PDF Antares Capital Protection Ltd. Certificate of Incorporation of a Private Limited Company
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Document relating to the formation of Antares Capital Protection Ltd.
PDF Antares Capital Protection Ltd Certificate of Incorporation of a Private Limited Company
76 Kb
An extract from the company's register containing information about the authorized capital, the beneficiary and the legal address
PDF Partnership Agreement of Antares Сapital Protection Ltd. with Antares Limited
4 539 Kb
Cooperation agreement between the Antares platform and Antares Capital Protection Ltd.
Risk Minimization
Antares Сapital Protection Ltd. Commercial Insurance Fund provides an opportunity to minimize their investment risks voluntarily. Insurance rate data is individual and is calculated depending on the selected products, services and investment packages. Rates, conditions and tariffs are formed on the product or service selection page in the Antares marketplace. Individual valuation of the capital protection program package is validfFor each investment package in any of the companies hosted on the Antares platform.
Independent Assessment of Antares Trade
Read the report below, according to which the current value of Antares Trade is $114,636,906. This once again confirms that an IPO will allow existing partners of the platform to exchange tokens for shares, earning over 100,000% of profit. The report also covers goals, financial overview of the company, key performance indicators and much more.