For MLM Companies

If you are a company based on the principles of multi-level marketing or direct sales, you have a high-quality product and work experience of more than 2 years and you need to:
Increase the number of active distributors
Increase sales
Expand regional presence of the company
Reduce promotion expenses of the company
Train distributors
We can help you.
Our Competencies
Multi-stage audit of the existing product
Website development
Creation and optimization of the company’s website
Strategy development
Development or optimization of the individual strategy for promoting and attracting investments.
Payment setup
Integration of a centralized payment gate for bilateral settlements (client and company)
Financial assistance
Expert support on issues of control and optimization of financial indicators of the company
Optimization of business processes in partnership with us
Distributor training
Distributor training in professional network business and direct sales
MLM Companies
Cooperation with MLM Companies
In 5 years, we plan to become a global affiliate company with a base of hundreds of millions of customers. Our platform will provide the widest range of products and services, from pins to electric cars. Antares offers large retail chains an opportunity to earn money. Just think, without advertising expenses, hundreds of millions of people all over the world will know about a new electric car or a pin. As a result, the seller of a product or service will provide such a number of customers with a favorable discount. This is an unprecedented business scaling where everyone will benefit.

In cooperation with MLM companies, we rely on the principles of the complex (integrated) approach. We have been promoting and developing investment companies for more than 10 years, having accumulated the great experience in this area.

Before starting a partnership, we carefully analyze the initial information about the company. In case of compliance with our internal company’s audit, we start a partnership.

We understand that attracting new customers, increasing the average spend and optimizing expenses are key factors in the development of any company. For our part, we are ready to offer various strategies to meet your needs.
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