For Startups

You are a startup company or a private individual and you have an idea. You know the history of Apple and Microsoft that were created in a garage. Also, you remember that 10 years ago business giants like Facebook and Google were ordinary high-risk startups. If you need to:
Test an idea
Find an investor
Enter an international market
We can help you.
Our Competencies
Multi-stage audit of the existing product
Strategy development
Development or optimization of the individual strategy for promoting and attracting investments.
Website development
Creation and optimization of the company’s website
Financial assistance
Expert support on issues of control and optimization of financial indicators of the company
Payment setup
Integration of a centralized payment gate for bilateral settlements (client and company)
Optimization of business processes in partnership with us
Cooperation with Startups
As a rule, an idea that can provide benefits and a high income required a detailed development plan and overall financing. Antares guarantees 100% protection of a new idea with a signed non-disclosure agreement, tests an idea in conditions that are close to reality, analyzes the market of competitors and estimates the potential for the startup development. After that it offers the project to a wide range of investors who cooperate with the platform. Antares also helps to launch and develop a project.
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