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  • Find out the prices of cryptocurrencies, their capitalization and trading volume
  • Read the detailed description of the coin
  • Compare cryptocurrencies in one chart
  • Choose the best and build your cryptocurrency portfolio
All this and more in the Coin Capitalization app
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Сoin Capitalization – a new generation cryptocurrency exchange monitoring service. If your occupation is related to crypto trading or you are interested in cryptocurrency, then this is an effective tool for solving many problems.

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Features Coin Capitalization
Cryptocurrency rate monitoring
View a list of coins and tokens, as well as current information on their capitalization, price and trading volume.
Coin Details
A detailed description of the coin with two dynamic charts and a link to the official website. A list of trading pairs with the coin on exchanges and news reviews on social networks.
Cryptocurrency comparison
Compare up to 5 cryptocurrencies on one chart with their prices displayed in USD, BTC and ETH.
Cryptocurrency Exchange Overview
Browse the exchanges participating in the coin rating on the site, with a personal trading volume chart and a list of traded currency pairs.
An overview of the mempool workload, the cost of commissions, as well as the size of transactions for a period from 2 hours to a year.
Create a unique cryptocurrency portfolio with the ability to track its value over time intervals.
Multiple languages
The site is available in 5 languages (EN, RU, DE, CN, ES).
Push notifications and email newsletters
Notifications of current coin value and portfolio value with customizable settings.
Mobile apps
Mobile apps available for iOS and Android.
Block Explorer
View BTC blocks, transactions and addresses in real-time.
Line chart
Changes in price and daily trading volume for a given period.
You can add coins to your favorites to easily track changes in their prices.
Candlestick chart
Monitor the opening, maximum, minimum and closing prices during the trading period for each Japanese candlestick.
Buy cryptocurrencies
Purchase cryptocurrencies with a bank card.