Token Profit Team.

the Antares IPO in 2022.

- what is it?

It's a tokenized option for Antares shares.

Thanks to Antares Token , partners of the Antares platform can become the owners of shares in the company at an early stage, before they are listed on the stock exchange after the IPO in 2022.

This is a unique opportunity to get thousands of percent of profit due to the daily growth of the token rate!

Only for current Antares partners

Tokenized option investment model

Yield Calculator:

Token price:
Purchase price: Selling price:
4 510 11 430
ANT growth per day ANT growth for the period Expected return
+2.82% +253.44% 6 920

Program conditions:

  • Duration of token rate growth ANT: from 22/06/2020 to 31/12/2021
  • Total token emission: 1 000 000 ANT
  • Expected initial cost of 1 share after the IPO: от 10 $
  • Price growth dynamics, ANT: Daily, 1–5% rise in price
    compared to the previous rate
  • Trading of ANT on a P2P exchange: Daily, unlimited
  • Price of 1 ANT while the program is running: from 1 $ to 1.000 $
  • Price of 1 ANT after the IPO: from 2.000 $ (1 ANT = 1 option for 200 shares)
  • Guaranteed exchange ANT for company shares
    after the IPO:
    1 ANT = 200 shares

Growth chart for Antares Token

Antares today

A fast-growing international platform with huge potential

451 million
Investments, attracted by the companies listed on our platform amount to more than $ 25 million.
Audience of the service consists of more than 117.892 big investors and MLM industry experts, capable of ensuring sales success and launching any financial instruments on the world market.
Our global footprint in more than 150 Our global footprint. makes us a giant, one of a kind international financial social network.
The platform is translated into 21 main languages, which allows Antares to reach more than 2 billion potential clieants worldwide.

Company Founder — Alex Richter

International financial specialist, successful businessman and mentor. Over 20 years of work, he has advised many companies on strategic business development, as well as IPOs.

Investments, startups, digital technologies, capital management, crypto industry, MLM and connections around the world made it possible to introduce to the world a company calledAntares.

The Antares platform combines the potentials of these areas. The service was initially designed and developed taking into account the further expansion to the stock market with maximum capitalization.

Considering today's market situation and the enormous potential of, Antares in the course of the IPO it can be estimated at several billion dollars, and in the future this figure may exceed a trillion.

The platform has great potential.
See it for yourself

Compare deals of
In 2012 Facebook acquired
Instagram — in a deal worth $.
In 2014 Facebook acquired
advertising service LiveRail — in a deal worth 500.000.000 $.
In 2014 Facebook acquired
messenger WhatsApp — in a deal worth $.

Planned platform reach Antares
at the moment of IPO
— more than 1.000.000 users.

Why was the market ready to value these services at billions of dollars?
Because the main value of the 21st century is online services with their userbase and platforms that unite people around the world.

These deals allowed Facebook to become one of the most valuable companies in the world by 2020 and be valued at more than 680.000.000.000 USD!

ANTARES is among the most successful IPO placements

Let's look at several of the largest companies and the essence of their business:

Capitalization $.

Business idea:
A global online platform that connects taxi drivers and users


Capitalization $.

Business idea:
A global online platform that connects sellers and buyers


Capitalization $.

Business idea:
A global online platform that offers arrangement for lodging


Expected capitalization $.

Business idea:
A global online platform that connects services of financial and MLM companies, startups and private investors

We meet the 5 criteria for a high evaluation during the IPO:


The company is already operating all over the world thanks to the Internet and clients in 150 countries.

In demand

The platform unites potential investors and financial companies.
This is a market with a volume of trillions of dollars.

Big reach

Thanks to the affiliate program, the audience of the platform
grows exponentially and by 2025 , it may exceed 50.000.000 people.


The company is based on modern technologies: blockchain, cryptocurrency and its own financial infrastructure.


This is the first global online service that brings together everything for getting
and providing investment services around the world.

Our infrastructure

Antares is developing not only as an MLM distribution platform, promoting various companies to the market, but also as a financial ecosystem, which will include:
Coin Capitalization
Coin Capitalization
Service for monitoring
cryptocurrency rates
Antares Wallet
Antares Wallet
Wallet for instant conversion of crypto/fiat in both directions
Reliable service for fast exchange, purchase, sale and storage of digital currencies
Antares Trading School
Antares Trading School
Trading education
Antares Exchange
Antares Exchange
Full-fledged cryptocurrency exchange
Antares Gambling
Antares Gambling
Gambling platform that meets all the requirements of the modern gambling world
Antares Broker
Antares Broker
Brokerage platform
Antares Market
Antares Market
Platform for posting ads and buying goods for cryptocurrency
Antares Crypto Bot
Antares Crypto Bot
Algorithm for trading on a cryptocurrency exchange
Antares Pay
Antares Pay
Payment system with bank cards
Antares Forex Bot
Antares Forex Bot
Algorithm for trading on the Forex market


High yield
High yield
Token price growth
1-5% per day
Buy and sell tokens on a centralized exchange at any time
Profit from sales
Profit from sales
Affiliate program
7 lines deep
The cost of the token is predetermined. High demand and a guaranteed repurchase

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